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 Class Descriptions


Creative Movement

In this class, we will skip, gallop and leap... stretch, crawl, wiggle, and giggle. We introduce and teach basic ballet positions and movements. This preschool dance class is a wonderful introduction for the young student!

Kid Dancing at Home


Jazz is a fun and primarily upbeat stylistic genre. Jazz often requires lots of sass and personality. It incorporates lots of techniques, such as turns, leaps, leg extensions, etc. In this class, dancers will focus on both technique and performance. 

Image by Aditya Ali


Lyrical dance is a combination of jazz and ballet. Lyrical dance is very graceful, with moves flowing smoothly and seamlessly. Jumps are high, and turns are very fluid. There is an emphasis on storytelling through movement and creating a connection with the audience.

Image by David Hofmann


In ballet, students will learn the foundations of technique. Students will work consistently with the barre, in the center, and across the floor. They will focus intensely on strong classical lines, precise musicality, and proper alignment and placement.

Lacing Up Shoes


Hip-hop is one of the most popular styles of dancing. This hip-hop class will allow dancers to learn the latest industry styles. This is an entertaining and energetic style of dance that will guarantee to get you moving! Students will connect to the contrast of sharp and smooth body isolations within the evolving styles of Hip-Hop.

Image by Forest Simon


In Contemporary, students will push beyond that of their dance training.  Through choreography, they will investigate dynamics, spatial awareness, and freedom of expression.  In these classes, we will spend time moving on and off the floor as well as navigating our way through space with speed, flow, and connectivity. if you like storytelling, this class is for you

Dancing in Water


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